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A Demand Side Platform allows advertisers to search and buy advertising inventories from publishers through a single interface

Before DSP was created, buying and selling digital ads were done manually in person. This old way comes with several problems: It’s time-consuming, expensive, and ineffective. Buyers and sellers were also constrained geographically. With the advancement of technology, DSPs were created to tackle these very issues.

With its automated and programmatic system, DSP makes it possible for advertisers and publishers to exchange and manage ads quickly and effectively.

How does DSP work?

  • Advertisers upload ad campaigns they want to publish on the platform and select their target audience.
  • Publishers post their inventories on the DSP through a system called the SSP.
  • The DSP then searches through its network to find relevant publishers that fit with the criteria put by ad buyers.
  • Once it has found the right placement, advertisers compete and start bidding in real-time.
  • DSP manages the payment and places the ad on the publisher’s website.


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