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What Are The Benefits Of
Media Placement?

Having a team in your corner that sees the entire media landscape and not just one media at a time helps make a more strategic and unified approach to marketing.

Television, radio, out-of-home, and other time-tested methods of advertising are becoming increasingly complex. Understanding how to best utilize traditional media together, and coupled with digital efforts has been exponentially important to get the most out of your hard earned marketing dollars. We strive to provide our clients with a holistic approach to marketing, that takes a strategic view, cut through the confusion of the media landscape and make the best use of synergies in the media landscape.

Media Placement; Strategic Media Placement Agency; Radio Ads

Strategic Media Placement Services Offered By Corkboard Concepts

With the advertising landscape becoming even more elaborate, picking out the appropriate media mix for your company can be difficult. To save this hassle, you can leave it to a media buyer like Corkboard Concepts who can choose the right media channels for your target audience. Strategic media placement is essentially the best way to get the most value for your advertising dollar whilst reaching those you need to.

Media Placement; Strategic Media Placement Agency; Radio Media Placement
Media Placement; Strategic Media Placement Agency; Media Placement Wide

Corkboard Concepts’ Approach To Media Placement

Businesses are always faced with a number of specials or the media flavor of the day. “There’s open space on (insert special)” and “We’re opening up a new package around (insert sports team)”, etc.

As an Agency of Record, we take the time to understand the value of different media channels and how they’ll best fit into your company’s plan and budget.

Let our numbers speak for themselves:

• Increase in media budget spend: $0

• Increase in value: ~25% more reach/impressions

• Decrease in vendor discussions: On average 4 less media discussions

• Production of media: 100% offloaded