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What are the benefits of a
Strategic Marketing Plan?

Every thorough marketing initiative, campaign, or branding deserves your due diligence and a thoughtful strategy helps ensure that you’re meeting objectives within the required parameters. Taking a long-term view of marketing efforts also allows for synchronized efforts, which results in more efficient use of time, resources, and platform utilization. A well-planned marketing strategy can help your business bolster long-term value, generate more return on investment, and be able to more clearly identify areas of positive contribution.

Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing Plan services offered by Corkboard Concepts, a Digital Marketing Strategy Agency:

A marketing strategy eliminates all of the one-off marketing initiatives, including unplanned spending, one-off marketing efforts, and communication that doesn’t contribute to the greater plan. A marketing strategy forces some hard questions and makes you as a company look internally and externally to determine the major factors around your brand, your competition, and your customers. It outlines a plan of not only action but also analysis so that one marketing strategy can feed into the next, which allows your business to constantly grow.

Strategic Marketing
Strategic Marketing Plan Wide

Corkboard Concepts’ approach to Strategic & Digital Marketing Plans

At Corkboard Concepts, strategy is at the forefront of what we do. We know that the best marketing campaigns are not ones that focus on a single tactic and instead leverage the coordination of multiple inbound and outbound marketing initiatives to reach a common goal.

A major power sports dealership utilized our services for their marketing strategy. Communication, messaging, and branding came second to understanding their customer. To do so, we had to work backward and understand the individual lines they carried and the customer persona that each of those related to. Ducati, Triumph, Kawasaki, Honda, and Can-Am each have a unique customer, and all of those need to be included individually.

Defining these unique characteristics and appropriately targeting and communicating allowed us to exceed the previous year’s unit sales. Targeted events, unique messaging, and constant optimization were driving factors to the success of this marketing strategy.