Our Team

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Zack Meuschke

Guitar Hero “Hero”

His secret work skills: Being a part of creating new processes to increase efficiency.
When the work’s done he enjoys: Sports, golfing, and spending time with friends and family
The country he wants to travel to next: Ireland

CEO / Business Development

Zack is our champion CEO and business development manager who has a lot of experience working for different media companies across print, tv and now digital. Starting Corkboard Concepts meant that he’ll get to work with diverse minds to create something special for all clients.

Jordan Atchison

Self-Proclaimed Coffee Aficionado

His secret work skill: He works a lot! He doesn’t really sleep much and has never known what a ‘9-5 job’ was.
When the work’s done he enjoys: Researching the effects of coffee and caffeine, gardening, and traveling
The country he wants to travel to next: He can’t decide between retracing past footsteps in The UK or making new ones in Argentina.


Jordan is the dedicated CMO for Corkboard Concepts. His career in marketing and media has gone through various twists. Spending the first couple years as a digital nomad, Jordan took his “marketing wits” on a tour of the globe starting online businesses in the US, United Kingdom and Asia. From eCommerce to digital publications, freelance marketing to local media, variety and change have been constants in Jordan’s marketing world.

Vlad Zoric

Professional At Nailing Tasks Under Pressure

His secret work skills: Organizing everything! He’s also great with numbers.
When the work’s done he enjoys: Laying back with a homemade pizza and watching a good movie. He also enjoys gaming.
The country he wants to travel to next: Dominican Republic or rural Japan

Director of Operations and Development

Vlad is our superhero director of operations and development! He joined Corkboard after working on various projects. His love for marketing came out of being good with numbers and wanting to follow a more entrepreneurial path.

Thomas Lorenzi

Professional Snacker

His secret work skills: Public speaking!
When the work’s done he enjoys: Sports, music, and staying active
The country he wants to travel to next: Italy

Ad Operations Manager

Tom is our capable campaign specialist. He came to Corkboard after being a supervisor working advertising operations and campaign management at Effectv. He really enjoys being a part of the team because of the opportunities to collaborate and solve problems.

Matthew Little

Advertising Specialist / Photographer

Matt is our creative photographer and advertising specialist. He has accomplished a lot over the course of his career including landscape design, photography for a few magazines, and running his own photography business. He enjoys being part of the Corkboard team because of the variety of industries we work in. Helping businesses succeed is something he finds rewarding.

Vintage Car Enthusiast

His secret work skills: Well…that’s a secret!
When the work’s done he enjoys: Spending time with his family, photography, and working on vintage vehicles
The country he wants to travel to next: Probably somewhere in Europe. There’s just too many places for him to choose one!

Florin Saioc

Expert At Forgetting People’s Names 0.5 Seconds After Meeting Them

His secret work skills: Photo editing and manipulation (He also tells us that he’s a licensed massage therapist.)
When the work’s done he enjoys: Working out, traveling, and watching good movies
The country he wants to travel to next: Portugal or Greece

Creative Specialist

Florin is our talented creative specialist who came to us with a background in advertising and photo editing. He enjoys the satisfaction of contributing towards a client’s success. Florin likes working for Corkboard because it’s made up of a great team that works together to get things done.

Olivia Ferrante

Certified Cake Boss

Her secret work skills: Thinking outside of the box and public speaking
When the work’s done she enjoys: Baking, shopping, and spending time with friends and family
The country she wants to travel to next: Greece

Account Manager

Olivia is our friendly and bubbly campaign specialist. She joined Corkboard as an intern but found a passion for digital marketing while doing so. Olivia likes being a part of the Corkboard team because she gets to learn new skills and ideas while learning how it all ties together.

Anna Hertrich

Self-Proclaimed “Mom” Of The Group

Her secret work skills: Easy to talk to and organized (She has everything you could need, and I mean EVERYTHING.)
When the work’s done she enjoys: Gaming, playing the ukulele, and spending time with family and friends
The country she wants to travel to next: Japan

Web Design Lead

Anna is our friendly and energetic web design lead. She originally joined Corkboard as a creative specialist. Anna found her passion for design back in high school and never looked back! She is experienced in print production, digital designs, and website layouts, and is constantly improving her skillset!

Madison Cassel

Master List Maker

Her secret work skills: Brainstorming personalized and creative strategies
When the work’s done she enjoys: Exercising and going to concerts
The country she wants to travel to next: New Zealand

Campaign Specialist

Madison is our hardworking campaign specialist. She’s worked in a few different marketing positions in several industries, including digital marketing, print media, music, and fashion, making her a well-rounded addition to the team! She is always excited to explore her passion for creativity while helping businesses succeed.

Trevor Stewart

Master Chef of Recipes

His secret work skills: A strong attention to detail
When the work’s done he enjoys: Video games, going out to eat, and spending time with friends
The country he wants to travel to next: Rather than a country, the next place he would like to visit is the Grand Canyon.

Campaign Specialist

Trevor is our ambitious campaign specialist. Since graduating from the University of Akron and joining our team, Trevor has been an asset in both his strong attention to detail and ingenious campaign ideas. He likes working for Corkboard Concepts because everyone is friendly and approachable. He has already found his stride in the campaign specialist role and is eager to help our clients tell their stories.

Al Marschke

Professional Camera Man

His secret work skills: Storytelling
When the work’s done he enjoys: Hanging with my family, CrossFit workouts, and resting on my back porch
The country he wants to travel to next: Ireland

Advertising Specialist / Videographer

Al is our man behind the camera. At Corkboard, Al is our in-house Video Producer and Advertising Specialist. Al started his career working in TV broadcast and went on to be a self-employed video producer for 25 years. Not only is Al invested in giving his audience a rich form of content, but allowing clients to convey their stories to their customers. If you ever have a video production question, he’s your guy!

Nicole Paschl

The Ultimate Dog Mom

Her secret work skills: Organization, relationship building/management, and sales
When the work’s done she enjoys: Spending quality time with my dogs, Coby & Cooper, crafting with my Cricut machine, and cooking
The country she wants to travel to next: Anywhere tropical with crystal clear waters

Advertising Specialist

Nicole is our relational and supportive Advertising Specialist. Nicole soars in the marketing industry because of her young introduction as it runs in the family, but also because she has a wide array of roles she has had over the last 6 years. Nicole kicked her career off with a mixture of digital, newspaper, and magazine advertising sales, and most recently has focused on creative design and marketing strategy within the brand. Nicole is an experienced advocate for our clients and works hard to make sure their needs are met!

Julianna Rios

Self-Proclaimed Plant Mom

Her secret work skills: Time management and making people smile
When the work’s done she enjoys: Trying new foods, cuddling up on the couch watching TV, and anything creative
The country she wants to travel to next: Spain

Content Specialist

Julianna is our cheerful and friendly campaign and creative specialist intern, finishing off her senior year at Slipper Rock University. Marketing was not her original career choice, but once she stepped into it, she fell in love with it! With a background as a social media coordinator for her college club, Julianna has experience doing social media, branding, and communications. “I like Corkboard Concepts because I have never walked into a work environment that was so friendly, flexible, and get projects done!”

Emily Fly

Ultimate Thrift Flipper

Her secret work skills: Multi-tasking between very creative and data-heavy workloads
When the work’s done she enjoys: Spending time in the garden, hiking, or playing the sax
The country she wants to travel to next: Botswana (She’s ticked South Africa off the list and wants to continue throughout Africa.)

Search Specialist

Emily is our switched-on search and social specialist. She came to Corkboard after managing the digital marketing for nationwide franchises and starting her own marketing consultancy. She loves being a part of the team because everyone works together, and because of the variety in clients, no one day is the same!

Lauren Dick

Polished Nail Artist

Her secret work skills: Time management, overly thorough in research
When the work’s done she enjoys: Traveling, spending time with family, painting nails, and eating out
The country she wants to travel to next: Scotland

Office Manager

Lauren is our organized and eager office manager. With a 10 year background in teaching, she found the importance of a good administrative assistant in a workplace essential! She now strives to be one herself, while taking responsibility of a broad range of services that allow Corkboard’s business to operate more efficiently including overseeing and maintaining accounts payable, receivables, and monthly billing. If you have a “money question” she’s your gal!