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What Is The Benefit Of
Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising offers a unique solution to wasted advertising spend and focused reach. Based on an indication of pre-defined behaviors, businesses can target a specific user set based on their interests and behavior.

Every time your potential customers browse the internet do searches, visit websites, visit physical locations similar to yours, or do anything with their mobile device or computer, data is collected. Yes, the data is private but with programmatic we can use that data to match your best potential customers with a display, video, or audio advertisement.

With technology advancements, businesses have to adapt and get creative to reach their customers in this screen-driven world we live in. Utilizing the  Programmatic Advertising Services with agencies like Corkboard Concepts will help your business stay in front of them whatever they are doing on any screen, whether your potential customers are on on their computer, or playing Words With Friends on their phone!

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Programmatic Advertising Services Offered By Corkboard Concepts

Programmatic Marketing is delivering ads to a pre-selected audience based on various attributes such as geography, demographics, psychographics, and behaviors. Most commonly served in display, video, or audio format. Programmatic advertising begins with capturing an audience based on their online and offline behaviors. Targeting tactics include:

Once an audience has been defined, we can serve them ads on websites and apps that are connected to our Ad Networks (roughly 90% of ad-based websites).

Programmatic Display Advertising is the most common form of programmatic advertising and has access to more websites and inventory than any other programmatic process. Programmatic Display Advertising allows your brand to gain both frequency and reach with the reduced possibility of audience fatigue and a lower cost per impression than other digital advertising tactics.

When should a brand use Programmatic Display Advertising?

• When repetition is a key to success.
• When you need to get in front of a targeted, yet large audience.
• When there are specific publishers/websites/apps your brand needs placement on.

Programmatic Video Advertising provides an advertiser with the opportunity to display ads in a way that is highly visual and has a higher degree of impact. Pre-roll and mid-roll advertising are “forced” view advertising options where a user must watch the commercial prior to getting to the content they’re looking to watch, available in both skippable and non-skippable formats. Programmatic video advertising also permits an advertiser to take a portion of a larger message, break that down into smaller segments, and lead their prospects through a visual storytelling experience.

When should a brand choose to use video advertising?

• When the brand has a highly visual product or service offering.
• When the brand has available video assets, or the desire to produce video content.
• When a brand is looking to have a higher impact engagement with a user.

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Programmatic Advertising Services in Pittsburgh

 Corkboard Concepts’ Programmatic Advertising Services

The Programmatic Advertising services provided by Corkboard Concepts is based on you, your customers, and your goals. We take an in-depth look at who your customer is and what they do. We craft a strategy that uniquely targets these people and serves them a message that directly speaks to them.

As a programmatic advertising agency in Pittsburgh, we place the targeting infrastructure for your campaigns, through keyword and behavior placements, placing website pixels/cookies, and identifying points of interest. We build off of this foundation continuously through an automated process of identifying high-performing behaviors and placements.


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