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Why should I be concerned about Data & Analytics?

Data and analytics in their own right do not provide any benefit; however, interpretation and action based on this allows for you to make better decisions in regards to advertising and business decisions. Actionable insights based off of a solid foundation of data makes your marketing and business decisions to be more accurate and efficient.
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What is included with Data & Analytics?

At Corkboard Concepts, our data and analytics services provide you with in-depth understanding and utilizing of your business’s core data. These services range from better tracking online metrics to taking offline data and better modelling customer audiences through. A list of data services includes:

  • Website Analytics Setup
  • KPI & Goal Tracking
  • Attribution Modelling & Conversion Funnelling
  • Digital Audience Defining
  • Offline Audience Integrations
  • Audience Segmentation & Modelling
  • Audience Targeting & Tracking

A Corkboard Approach To Data & Analytics.

Data and Analytics is the foundation of our approach to supporting partners and helping them better understand and reach their target customers effectively. An expanding dog care franchise sees about 100 new customers per month and was rapidly growing into new locations. Because of their brands presence, they had no problem bringing in new customers in their established markets but it wasn’t the same case for new franchise markets and the standard digital targeting tactics just weren’t enough.

Corkboard took the 100 new customers per location per month and began to take a look at their online behaviors leading up to their purchase in a few different geographic regions. From there, we modelled an audience based off of the buyer behaviors of purchasing customers, both online and in-store, to create a representative extension audience that could be applied to these new franchises.

With this enablement, we saw a 5x increase in efficiency with digital ad spend in new locations and also an increase in established locations. The setup of this process has become increasingly efficient with each new franchise now contributing to the larger audience which allows for a better and more representative match to look-a-like audience pairing for them.

Inherent optimization.

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