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What are the benefits of
Data & Analytics?

We help businesses derive insights from data and turn them into actionable marketing decisions. Data & analytics can influence all stages of a business’s marketing plan from website design and social media to SEM, SEO, and so much more. Data & analytics tell a story of what marketing strategies are performing well and provide perspective on what KPIs to pay attention to.
Services offered

Data & analytics services offered by Corkboard Concepts

Here at Corkboard Concepts, our data and analytics services assist you in telling a story about your business’s marketing efforts and overall strategic performance. Through tracking online metrics and utilizing offline data, we can assist you in fine-tuning your marketing strategies to target the right audience and fulfill your business objectives.

Services offered

Our Data & Analytics Services Include:

Website Analytics Setup

Website Analytics Setup

KPI Goal Tracking

KPI & Goal Tracking


Attribution Modelling & Conversion Funnelling

Digital Audience Defining

Digital Audience Defining

Offline Audience Integration

Offline Audience Integrations

Audience Segmentation

Audience Segmentation & Modelling

Audience Targeting

Audience Targeting & Tracking

Data Visualization

Customer Mapping & Data Visualizations

Data Statistics

Corkboard Concepts’ approach to Data & Analytics

Data and analytics is the foundation of our approach to assisting our clients with effectively reaching and understanding their target audience. A dog care franchise was expanding rapidly; seeing about 100 new customers a month and quickly growing into new locations. Their established brand presence helped to bring in new customers in already chartered markets. However, the same could not be said for new franchise markets where standard digital targeting tactics were not having the same success.

Corkboard began to analyze the customers in the already established locations and began to take a look at their online behaviors leading up to their purchases in these specific geographic regions. After this analysis, we modelled an audience based off of the customers’ purchasing behaviors, both online and in-store, to create a lookalike audience that could be applied to the franchise locations.

After utilizing this lookalike audience, we saw a 5x increase in efficient digital advertising spend in the franchise locations and furthermore, an increase in the already established locations. Using this initial consumer behavior analysis and then constructing effective targeting from that, is a seamless process that allows for better business decisions and overall successful campaigns.