Maximizing Reach: Leveraging the Amazon Advertising Partner Network for Business Growth

by | Mar 22, 2024

If you’re seeking to boost your business’s visibility, leads or sales through tapping into buyer behavior of the worlds largest ecommerce platform and the reach of one of the most expansive technology companies in the world, the Amazon Ad platform provides you with the benefits needed! The Amazon Ads platform is not just for Amazon storefronts but for any business with an online presence! 


Understanding the Amazon Advertising Partner Network

At its core, the Amazon Ads Partner Network is a program specifically designed for advertising agencies and marketing services providers, enabling these partners to offer advertising solutions on Amazon. This network caters to a wide range of agencies and tool providers, each with its unique specialization in advertising products or services.

Joining the Partner Network offers advantages that surpass mere business enhancements. By creating a partner network account, agencies and tool providers gain valuable insights into new products and receive essential training and resources. This access to knowledge and tools optimizes their Amazon Ads management, setting them up for success.


Types of partners: Agencies and tool providers

The Amazon Advertising Partner Network incorporates a wide variety of partners, each possessing its distinctive strengths. Agencies within this network specialize in campaign management and strategic advertising consultation. Their services span strategic planning, creative development, performance measurement, and account management, helping clients navigate advertising on Amazon.

Tool providers, the other key players in the network, offer marketing resources in the form of technology solutions designed to optimize advertising on Amazon. The tools these providers offer focus on areas like:

  • analytics
  • bid management
  • automation
  • reporting
  • campaign optimization

These tools arm clients with the tools to succeed.


Amazon Advertising Partner Network - Illustration of network of people sitting around table brainstorming and collaborating


Navigating the Partner Directory: Finding the Right Partner for Your Business


One of the many assets of the Amazon Advertising Partner Network is its global partner directory. This resource connects advertisers with relevant agencies and tool providers, ensuring that every advertiser can find a partner that aligns with their needs. The directory’s sophisticated search and filter system allows advertisers to find partners based on several criteria, including:

  • Service offerings
  • Location
  • Industry expertise
  • Languages spoken
  • Client acceptance status
  • Price range


Accessing Marketing and Learning Resources through the Self Service Hub

The Self Service Hub within the Amazon Advertising Partner Network includes tons of marketing and learning resources, including a self service account. Amazon Ads Education offers training based on role-specific learning plans, helping partners enhance their advertising skills and acquire valuable certifications.


Gaining Amazon Ads Expertise

Amazon Ads Education offers role-specific learning plans, a feature designed to help partners enhance their advertising skills and acquire certifications. There’s also a learning plan for AdTech developers and data analysts, offering training on Amazon Ads APIs and other ad solution tools.

Partners demonstrating advanced understanding and proficiency in Amazon Ads may gain access to additional benefits, such as beta programs and bespoke training, by achieving advanced partner status.

There are 3 types of ads on Amazon. Sponsored Products direct customers to the product’s detail page when clicked. Sponsored Brand ads contribute to improving brand discovery and audience expansion on Amazon. Finally, Sponsored Display ads are designed to support the increase in product awareness, enhance customer consideration, and re-engage past shoppers of a brand. 


Amazon DSP: Expanding Reach with the Demand Side Platform

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It is clear that with Amazon Ads, you can promote the products you have listed on Amazon, however, the more groundbreaking part of Amazon’s offering to advertisers is its ability to use buyer data and Amazon’s network to reach people off of the Amazon platform as well!

Amazon DSP, short for Demand Side Platform, allows partners to efficiently handle programmatic advertising campaigns. With Amazon DSP, partners can extend their advertising reach using programmatic guaranteed deals. 


Benefits of Amazon DSP for Advertisers

Amazon DSP features and benefits include:

1. A collaborative filtering engine to create detailed consumer profiles

The Amazon DSP uses a special attribution model that allows us to track the customer’s journey and formulate strategies to improve overall ad performance. This sophisticated technology goes beyond basic demographics, enabling advertisers to understand nuanced consumer behaviors, preferences, and purchase patterns. The platform’s advanced attribution model tracks the customer’s journey across multiple touchpoints, providing deep insights that guide strategic decision-making. Now you can understand and tap into consumer purchase behaviors like never before!

2. Targeting based on product searches, views, and purchases

With Amazon’s expansive network, you can now enhance your targeting to reach the right audience at the right time. This level of targeting, powered by dynamic bidding and real-time shopping signals, allows brands to place their ads in front of consumers who are already interested in similar products or categories. You can meet customers right where they are, and connect with the most relevant audiences to drive conversions and foster loyalty among the most relevant audiences.

3. Targeting based on audience interests and demographics

Amazon DSP also enables advertisers to target audiences based on a wide range of interests and demographics. This includes age, gender, income levels, and more specific interests such as lifestyle activities, shopping preferences, and entertainment choices. By aligning ad content with audience demographics and interests, brands can significantly improve engagement rates and achieve better campaign outcomes.

All three of these incredible features allow advertisers to effectively reach their target audience on the Amazon store through access marketing strategies.

Amazon DSP also offers retargeting capabilities, enabling advertisers to re-engage with customers who have interacted with similar products or have shown interest in the advertiser’s category. With access to exclusive inventory, such as premium video ad placements on Amazon Prime Video and other Amazon-owned sites, Amazon DSP provides avenues not available through other platforms.

In summary, Amazon DSP’s advanced features and benefits offer advertisers a comprehensive platform for executing sophisticated, data-driven advertising campaigns. By leveraging detailed consumer profiles, precise targeting capabilities, expansive reach, and innovative optimization tools, brands can achieve their advertising goals and elevate their digital marketing strategies to new heights.


Integrating Amazon DSP with other ad products

Amazon DSP can be a game-changer when integrated with other Amazon ad products. This combination can provide a holistic advertising approach, which may include retargeting and increasing brand recall. Amazon DSP supports a variety of ad types like display, video, and audio ads.

These ad types can be placed across Amazon properties and other web and mobile platforms, ensuring a wide reach for your advertising efforts.



The Amazon Advertising Partner Network is a powerful platform that offers numerous benefits to advertising agencies and marketing service providers. From a diverse network of partners to a wealth of resources and learning opportunities, the Amazon Advertising Partner Network is a hub for business growth. 

With the help of the partner network, businesses can efficiently manage their Amazon Ads and expand their reach with the incredible features of Amazon DSP. 

Corkboard Concepts is proud to be an Amazon Ads Partner. If you are interested in working with us, we would love to hear from you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business grow!


Frequently Asked Questions


What is an Amazon ads partner?

An Amazon ads partner is an agency trusted by Amazon to deliver results and provide industry-leading standards for advertising on the platform, offering expertise and support for your business needs.

What is the Amazon Partner Network?

The Amazon Partner Network (APN) is a global program designed to help businesses of all sizes grow and succeed on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform, offering resources and support for cloud service providers and vendors.

What is Amazon DSP?

Amazon DSP is short for Demand Side Platform, allows partners to efficiently handle programmatic advertising campaigns. With Amazon DSP, partners can extend their advertising reach using programmatic. Some of its benefits include a collaborative filtering engine to create detailed customer profiles and advanced behavioral targeting.



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