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A Supply Side Platform is a platform used by publishers to supply, distribute, and manage ad inventories

Also called the sell-side platform, A SSP is the publisher’s version of DSP (Demand Side Platform). Where advertisers used DSPs to search and buy ad inventories, publishers can use SSPs to manage, sell, and optimize their inventories.

How does SSP work?

  • SSP and DSP work together in the programmatic ad-buying process.
  • Publishers make their inventories available, and the SSP will automatically send ad impressions to the buyers in DSP.
  • The SSP evaluates the buyer’s criteria, matches it with the right inventory, and the real-time bidding starts.
  • Once the bidding is completed and agreed upon, the publisher will send a webpage for the ad.
  • Pixel code is then applied to the page to track visitor’s behavior and collect data for the publisher.

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