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Meta Descriptions Are A Type Of Structured Markup Used By Search Engines To Pull Information Into The Description of SERPs

A Meta description is an HTML attribute that summarizes the content of a page. The Meta description will often appear on Google’s search results under the headline (commonly referred to as the Meta Title). 

Meta Descriptions In Search:

This short paragraph is an integral part of search engine optimization (SEO), which can help boost your website’s ranking by raising the click-through rate (CTR) of your organic search results. Google has indicated that the keywords within the Meta Description do not play a direct result in a websites Search Ranking, but if words within the Meta Description match the users search query, they are then bolded and a website is rewarded on Click-Throughs. 

Screenshot of eCPSU in search results. 

So, if more people click on your website, Google will consider it as a good search. As a result, your site will move up the rank. 

Therefore it’s essential to have all the lists of things that make a good Meta description. Firstly, you need to have it on the optimal length, between 50 and 160 characters. Secondly, use targeted keywords, and lastly, use words that are compelling enough to draw the reader’s attention. 

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