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A navigational search query is a search request entered by users when looking for a specific website

Navigational search queries, also known as “Go” search queries, are used only to find a particular website. The users don’t necessarily have a clear intent of purchasing a product. Users might also use a navigational search when they don’t know the exact address. They usually enter the brand’s name into the search bar to find the site. For example, entering or, etc.

Unlike other types of search queries, navigational queries can’t be targeted. Users are only interested in the website in mind, and if it isn’t yours, your site won’t matter.

On the other hand, a navigational search query is one type of search where your website should appear on top of Google’s search result. If you don’t see your site up there, you’ll need to optimize it. Make sure to include information such as your company’s name, products or services, and locations to help Google find your site easily.

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