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Getting Started With Facebook Native Leads:

Facebook Native Lead Forms are a great way to increase the volume of leads through targeted ads on Facebook. The amount of data available and time spent on social media makes it a great place to mine for leads.

With the ease of lead submission on Facebook, it does provide a variety in response quality ranging from the “hot-lead,” that’s ready to buy to the “garbage-lead,” that didn’t even mean to submit, and everything in between.

The goal is to work through the garbage leads and move towards working the “warm leads” and really capitalizing on the “hot leads” before they go elsewhere.

Facebook Native Leads Form Fields:

Facebook leads come with a few items in them. Our team normally uses at least one pre-qualifying question to get the prospect to slow down and manually answer a question. This stage in pre-qualification cuts down on the accidental lead submissions while not asking too many questions as to not deter the user from submitting the full form.

After the pre-qualifying question, there is then a set of contact information that is asked, which usually includes:

  1. Full Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Phone Number

Please note these match the user’s Facebook information but is already pre-filled when a user goes to open these.

Steps to following up on Facebook Leads:

Call the lead immediately (as long as the time is reasonable).

If you do no get in contact with them the first time. Continue to follow up over the next couple of days. After 3 attempts, let it rest. This may change based on the

If the lead answers, the initial goal of the conversation should be to further qualify the lead to understand where they fit. Here are the steps based on the type of lead you receive:

  • Poor Lead / Accidental Submit: Politely get to the end of the conversation and remove them from your sales outreach. If they’re agreeable to being placed on passive marketing outreach like a newsletter or SMS list, place them there otherwise discard the lead. It’s just important to not spend too much of your time trying to work a lead that isn’t interested and may end up being annoyed. “Get them off your desk.”
  • Warm Lead: Discuss the interest they selected in the pre-qualifying questions and move them through the Sales Funnel by setting up “Next Steps”. This would be considered a Sales Accepted Lead (SAL).
  • Hot Lead: Quickly work through their details and move them through the sales process to a purchase, before they purchase elsewhere. In other words, close the sale.

Track these leads with notes on conversion and using a grading scale on individual lead quality. If quantity is too high and quality too low, more qualifying questions can be asked to bridge the gap. Alternatively, if quantity is too low, qualifying questions can be removed to increase the flow of leads. Additional targeting changes, ad creative, ad copy and CTA’s may even need to be adjusted to drive better leads.

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