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Canonicalization is simply identifying the original or main source of a particular piece of content online.

Canonicalization is the way that search engines, like Google, sift through duplicate content to understand the source that is attributed as the original, authoritative or most representative over the rest of the duplicates. At times this can mean the content that was posted first, but not always. If a piece of content was posted second on a site with higher page authority, there is a good chance that would get picked up first.

To save from possible misunderstandings with canonicalization, it is important to make use of the Rel=”Canonical” indication in links on duplicate pages. You would position this link in content in other areas, to show the canonical relationship:

<link rel=”canonical” href=”” />

Canonicalization also holds a special place in SEO by being one of the most difficult Digital Marketing Terms to pronounce.


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