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eCPI stands for “effective Cost Per App Install”

Similar to CPA, eCPI or effective cost per app install, is an important marketing metric that measures the success of advertising spend. However, instead of measuring advertising spend against the cost per new acquisition, with eCPI we are measuring advertising spend against the cost of getting a new app install.

eCPI is an important advertising KPI for any app-based business or advertising campaign. Say for example an owner of an app-based company was looking to grow and gain new users. They may be wise to advertise their app and services digitally through various marketing channels like programmatic or social media advertising. Then in order to track the effectiveness of their advertising spend and calculate the eCPI, they can simply take the advertising dollars spent and divide that by the number of new app installs. Once eCPI is calculated, if the eCPI is too high, the digital advertising campaigns can be adjusted for more efficiency accordingly.  

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