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Advertising inventory is the amount of ad space that a publisher has for sale on its website

Ad inventory is available for advertisers to post their ads on the publisher’s site. While the term is mostly used in online advertising, ad inventory also refers to advertisements in traditional media or print. Inventories are sold through various channels, from direct sales between publishers and advertisers to ad exchanges and ad networks.

How is Ad inventory priced?

Ad inventory is usually valued according to impressions. The more impressions the site has, the higher the price is. Furthermore, ad inventory price may also be calculated based on other factors such as the number of leads the host generated, cost per click (CPC), and cost per thousand (CPM).

The placement of your ads on the site can also affect the value. For example, if your ads are located on the top of the page, it’ll be more costly than if they were found on the side because those on the top have better visibility.


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