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zack meuschke

ceo / business development


Zack is our champion CEO and business development manager who has lots of experience working for different media companies across print, tv and now digital. Starting Corkboard Concepts means that he gets to work with diverse minds to create something special for all clients.

 His secret work skills: being a part of creating new processes to increase efficiency. 

 When the work’s done he enjoys: sports, golfing, and spending time with friends and family

 The country he wants to travel to next: Ireland


jordan atchison



Jordan is the dedicated CMO for Corkboard Concepts. His career in marketing and media has gone through various twists. Spending the first couple years as a digital nomad, Jordan took his “marketing wits” on a tour of the globe starting online businesses in the US, United Kingdom and Asia. From eCommerce to digital publications, freelance marketing to local media, variety and change have been constants in Jordan’s marketing world.

His secret work skill: He works a lot! He doesn’t really sleep much and has never known what a ‘9-5 job’ was.

When the work’s done he enjoys: researching the effects of coffee and caffeine, gardening, and traveling.

The country he wants to travel to next: he can’t decide between retracing past footsteps in The UK or making new ones in Argentina. 


Tom Thompson

Advertising Specialist


Tom is our friendly advertising specialist who came to us from years of working as an Account Executive in different companies. He enjoys working for Corkboard Concepts because he is able to help a wide variety of people and businesses improve and achieve their goals.

His secret work skills: putting together a pretty good sales deck

When the work’s done he enjoys: exercise, video games and going to concerts

The country he wants to travel to next: somewhere he can experience a culture he’s never been exposed to, so potentially somewhere in Asia.


Matthew Little

Advertising Specialist / Photographer


Matt is our creative photographer and advertising specialist. He has done many things over the course of his career including landscape design, photography for a few magazines and running his own photography business. He enjoys being part of the Corkboard team because of the variety of industries we work in. Helping businesses succeed is something he finds really rewarding.

His secret work skills: well…that’s a secret!

When the work’s done he enjoys: spending time with his family, photography and working on vintage vehicles

The country he wants to travel to next: probably somewhere in Europe. There’s just too many places for him to choose one.


Thomas Lorenzi

Campaign and Creative Specialist


Tom is our capable campaign specialist. He came to Corkboard after being a Supervisor working advertising operations and campaign management at Effectv. He really enjoys being part of the team because of the people, and how they collaborate to solve problems. 

His secret work skills: public speaking!

When the work’s done he enjoys: sports, music, and staying active

The country he wants to travel to next: Italy


Emily Fly

Search and Social Specialist


Emily is our switched-on search and social specialist. She came to Corkboard after managing the digital marketing for nationwide franchises and starting her own marketing consultancy. She loves being a part of the team because everyone works together, and because of the variety in clients, no one day is the same!

Her secret work skills: multi-tasking between very creative and data-heavy workloads

When the work’s done she enjoys: spending time in the garden, hiking, or playing the sax

The country she wants to travel to next: Botswana (she’s ticked South Africa off the list and wants to continue throughout Africa)


Vlad Zoric

Director of Operations and Development


Vlad is our superhero director of operations and development who joined Corkboard after working on various projects. His love for marketing came out of being good with numbers and wanting to follow a more entrepreneurial path.

His secret work skills: organising everything! He’s also great with numbers

When the work’s done he enjoys: laying back with a homemade pizza and watching a good movie. He also enjoys gaming.

The country he wants to travel to next: Dominican Republic or rural Japan


Florin Saioc

Creative Designer


Florin is our talented creative specialist who came to us with a background in advertising and photo editing. He enjoys the satisfaction of contributing towards a client’s success. Florin likes Corkboard Concepts because it’s made up of a great team that works together to get things done. 

His secret work skills: photo editing and manipulation. (He also tells us that he’s a licensed massage therapist). 

When the work’s done he enjoys: working out, travelling, and watching good movies.

The country he wants to travel to next: Portugal or Greece.


karl nykwest




ivy ferko

Campaign management intern


Ivy is our new, driven campaign management intern. She comes to Corkboard after recently graduating from Duquesne University and also completing a digital performance internship with Brunnerworks in their paid search team. Ivy enjoys being part of the team as she gets the opportunity to creatively and analytically create solutions to help businesses.

Her secret work skills: being really good at communication, building relationships, giving presentations, and public speaking

When the work’s done she enjoys: shopping, supporting local music, or doing anything outdoors from hiking to spending a weekend at her family camp. 

One country she wants to travel to next: Iceland