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Search Engine Marketing Benefits

When your customers search for your business, your products or services, or any other relevant search terms, you obviously want to make sure you’re one of the results. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) makes sure your business is on search engine result pages where you want to be found.

Through paid search ads, we target specific, relevant keywords/search queries in your business’s ideal targeted location. So, say you’re a coffee shop in Downtown Pittsburgh. When a customer searches something along the lines of “coffee shop near me” within your targeted location, paid ads will bid for the highest ranking spot so that your coffee shop shows up first. Paid search campaigns can compliment your organic listing. When your business pops up multiple times on a result page, there are more chances for the customer to click on your webpage.

What Is Included With
Corkboard Search?

Search Engine Marketing solutions support your company’s efforts to be found within different scenarios. A Corkboard approach to search is to not only make you visible with search queries that are related to your product, service, or company but to elicit engagement from people who are searching for items that will drive business value. As a paid search management agency, we design a strategy that fits your business and works through the structure and implementation from campaign setup through keyword and audience targeting, and follow-through with engaging ads. We begin with a broad approach and aggressively optimize making sure we’re finding those right micro-moments that drive success.

Search Engine Visibility; what is included

Types of search queries:

Location Icon


Go-to searches
Info Icon


Find-out-more searches
“How to sync my car
garage door opener”
Transactional Icon


Buy now searches
“Bicycle shop near me”
Search Engine Marketing Solutions; Google Search

A Corkboard Approach To Search Engine Marketing Solutions

At Corkboard Concepts, we focus on the types of searches that are going to bring you ROI. Whether it is bringing buyers to your store, signs ups for your informative seminar, or anything else – your goals are first in mind. Our approach to search campaigns is to focus on a general subset of search queries that relate to your company and goals. Our strategy works through the discovery of new high-value keywords and low-cost opportunities, while continually optimizing. Every campaign is set to start fresh for each company and industry, but we pull on data and optimization techniques across every facet of our organization to support ongoing efforts. Every single conversion that we track provides better insight into your campaign, whether it is from your company, industry, geographic region, and nearly anything else.