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Augmented Reality (AR) lenses are Snapchat’s feature that allows you to add 3D effects and real-world enhancements to your stories

The AR lenses are one of Snapchat’s most favorite features. According to the company, it’s estimated that one out of three Snaps sent by users is created by the lens feature. This is due to the fact that AR lenses are more playful than filters as they can transform not only the person but also the surrounding environment with much more enhanced effects. Besides having fun creating snaps using lenses, users also love seeing them.

There are two types of lenses: face lens and world lens. The face lens feature technology which can animate and transform faces into characters such as Halloween masks, puppy tongue, and even characters you create. The world lens uses the rear-facing camera to see the world in front of you in 3D effects, appearing as if they’re really there.

Advertising through AR lenses creates a more interactive and fun experience for users, which can eventually drive engagement and raise brand awareness.

Some other important consideration when using the feature:

  • Ads must include your brand’s logo or name. The app recommends placing your logo on the right or left top corner, so it doesn’t block the user’s face.
  • Snapchat will include a sponsored tag to your ad. This will last only for a few seconds.
  • Don’t change the users’ skin color or race, and obviously, no inappropriate languages.

For more information on Snapchat’s features, click here.

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