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What is Geofencing Marketing?

Geofencing marketing is a geographically based type of marketing. This is done by an invisible boundary drawn around a certain area, business, or event center that you are able to use to reach potential customers through their smartphones and mobile devices. This is able to be done through the use of WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth.


Once a potential customer steps into the geographical boundary or some call it an invisible fence, these people are added to your target audience and are served ads. They will see these ads through apps and search and display ads. For the next 30 days, these ads will be served to anyone who was within the invisible fence that was created.


3 Benefits of Geofencing for Marketing

Geofencing is one of the best digital marketing tools around! Below are the three biggest geofencing benefits. 

  1. Enhance Local Sales

    Since geofencing is geographically based you can target customers in your area by serving them ads or notifications that will lead to increased traffic. A fast way to increase traffic is to have limited-time offers or change promotions daily.

  2. Increase Analytics and Tools for Metric Analysis

    With sales being hard to measure, geofencing can give data that will help with your metrics and analytics. Once you know your ads are being served you can measure the store traffic and sales which will help in measuring what is working for your business.

  3. Provide Personalization for Customers

    Personalizing a customer’s offer is a great benefit with geofencing. Review the purchase history of local customers and apply those filters to your offers and promotions. This will help in driving traffic to your business. 




Read more about Corkboard Concepts’What’s The Difference Between Geotargeting And Geofencing? and everything our team can offer.


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