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About Corkboard Concepts

We are a Strategic Marketing Agency that is Data-Centric – we appreciate and value the marketing mix including traditional media but understand the convergent point in digital and value data first. We operate in an industry that’s constantly changing and at rates never seen before. Timeliness is a factor in what we do but at the end of the day our primary motivation is not solely first-to-market, but instead best-in-class. Our goal is to understand each of our partners’ unique business offerings and support them in growing in a way that is cognizant of their internal stakeholders, end-customer and resources. We help in defining strategy, the marketing decision-making process and enabling internal data points to achieve goals. The team at Corkboard Concepts brings a level of knowledge and clarity to every campaign or partner interaction to provide comfort and understanding in order to enable bilateral communication and to achieve business success. Simply put, we’re better working when we’re working together, and we need the support of our clients as much as they need ours.

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The Office Administrator position will have basic duties around the office to ensure our day to day and month to month business runs smoothly. This could include tasks from billing to helping coordinate meetings and schedules of all essential employees. We are looking for a highly organized individual who can work well with others.

This Position Will Require The Following:

  • Setting meetings with clients and essential employees
  • Ensuring all communications with clients are handled in a timely manner
  • Coordinating communications between project managers, sale personnel, and the fulfillment team / contracts
  • Quality control on all projects we handle for clients and internal
  • Assistance with invoicing and billing clients
  • Assistance with Accounts Receivables
  • Organizing internal documentation and filing system


  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred
  • Experience with administrative duties
  • Candidate must be a highly organized person
  • Candidate must work well in a team setting, as well as independent working
  • Must be able to learn quickly and adapt to changes
  • Must be proficient on the computer with basic programs (Google Docs, GMail, Google Calendars, Google Docs, Excel, etc.)

More advanced skill sets of the above are always preferred but a willingness to learn and continuously develop trumps all of the above.

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