What Does GA4 Mean?

by | Oct 23, 2020

GA4 Stands For Google Analytics 4

GA4, or Google Analytics 4, is Google’s 4th iteration of it’s analytics platform. As of October 14, 2020, GA4 is the default analytics setup through Google, replacing the previous default of UA, or Universal Analytics.

GA4 Google Analytics 4 The New Google Analytics

GA4 refers to the default Property setting within Google Analytics and does not affect the Account, but could change the data within the View under the account.

From Beta To Default

Prior to the announcement of GA4, it was previously just known as App+Web Property. App+Web was introduced last year in a beta version and now that it has moved to GA4, it is the default analytics setup.

What Are The Benefits Of GA4?

According to Google’s release of their AI-powered GA4 Property, there are various benefits from it.

The first and likely most pertinent one is that Google has identified that this is the analytics property that they’re investing in. This likely means that UA will no longer see updates and will be deprecated in the near future. Jumping on board with the Property that has future enhancements just seems like the wise decision.

A better view of ROI. A lot of the new benefits seem to be around supporting the growing needs of ecommerce. With deeper ecom conversion tracking and predictive modelling, GA4 will actually provide a look at opportunity gains for certain audiences, helping advertisers make decisions on targeting and budget.

A deeper integration with Google Ads. The new setup allows for a more enhanced integration with Google Ads. Planned “next steps” for GA4 also include more features around data enhancements and audience modelling.

Customer Lifecycle View. Attributing an anonymous Marketing ID to each user allows for better insight into their early interactions with the owned digital properties, along with a full view of their usage patterns and lifecycle on the site, including content consumption and purchases.

A Truly Universal Analytics. Despite the previous setup being referred to as Universal Analytics, it was anything but. The new GA4 instance allows for seamless tracking against Owned Media (website and apps), Paid Media on Google’s Platforms (Google Ads, YouTube Ads, etc.), Paid Media on Non-Google Platforms (social media, etc.) and Earned Media insights (i.e. Organic Google Search, Organic Social Traffic).

A Cookie-Free Setup. GA4 still uses cookies, but is setup in the way that it can still operate and perform without the use of cookies. This is particularly important for businesses and marketers still looking to stay targeted with the introduction of cookie-free browsing being introduced on certain browsers and mobile devices.

With all of these new benefits, Google has indicated that the same, if not more, user controls will be available to determine what can and cannot be tracked by the user.

How Can I Upgrade To The New GA4 Analytics?

Luckily for most that have UA on their site, you can easily upgrade to GA4 if your website meets certain requirements (most do) and if you have edit access to the Account/Property. Simply navigate to the admin tab and Google will prompt you to make the update!

Upgrade to GA4 Google Analytics 4

From this point, you just follow Google’s step-by-step instructions on making the upgrade.

Create a new Google Analytics 4 property ga4

Once you complete these steps, you should be able to view your new GA4 Property!

If you haven’t set up analytics yet and want to ensure that you get the right property, this is a fairly simple process. As Google has made the GA4 setup the default property, you just have to create and install the new code and you’ll be set!

GA4 Default Analytics Setup

UA Changed To G

The traditional Universal Analytics code has been changed from UA (an acronym denoting Universal Analytics) to G-, which needs to be placed on your website similarly to the UA tag. Additionally, tag manager has a beta integration for the GA4 tag which is the preferred implementation.

Free GA4 Implementation or Upgrade

Contact Corkboard Concepts today if you are in need of implementing the new GA4 setup. Our team is readily available to get you set up within 48 hours from request and access provided. No purchase obligation, just better tracking for free!

Get started now!


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