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CRO Stands For Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization, or CRO, is the general optimization tactic for increasing the efficiency of advertising in reaching conversions. CRO can take place in multiple areas, two notable ones being In-Advertising and On-Site CRO. 

Optimizations may include creative adjustments, targeting changes, conversion funnel enhancements and more.

In-Advertising CRO

When looking at In-Advertising CRO, a marketer is looking to have their ads generate more conversions. They are specifically looking at those initial touch points, or series of touch points, that happen directly through advertising to make a conversion happen. When compartmentalizing CRO like this, often times an advertiser may be looking at running ads that convert in-ad or in-platform, like utilizing Facebook Messenger ads, Facebook Lead Gen forms, Google Local Service Ads, etc. 

On-Site CRO

On-Site CRO is specifically looking at the optimizations that a marketer can make on their web property to enhance the flow of conversions. This is generally through looking at User Experience on the website to determine where opportunities lay in enhancing conversions and where “pencil necks” exist that may be deterring conversions. On-Site CRO is usually included with a robust SEO strategy, web development plan or a focus on landing pages.

Full CRO Strategies

Full CRO strategies include both In-Advertising and On-Site CRO which enables a 360 degree view of conversions. CRO is often used in tandem with CPA, ROAS or ROMI advertising tactics.

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