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Social media use is integral for any business. An active presence on social media can help you find new customers or stay connected to your current customers. Covid-19 has obviously put a hardship on many people and businesses, so is it even worth keeping up with social media content?

Should I Still Post Content Even If I’m Closed due to Covid-19?

Yes — but post with a purpose! Remember, quality over quantity, even if more people are at home in front of their phones. Focus on your tone. It doesn’t have to be somber — in fact, it can even be humorous if your brand allows that. Keep your posts in good taste and remember to be sensitive to the world around us.

What Content Should I Post?

Refrain from posting about Covid-19 unless it is relevant to your business. Constantly giving people updates can feel spammy. It’s OK to mention it, but don’t make all of your content surrounding news-like updates about it. 

Focus on people. Consider interviewing some of your employees for a spotlight post. Ask about specifics of their job, what they enjoy most about working for your company, what they like to do in their free time, etc. People love to learn more about the “behind the scenes” and get to know a more human side of the company. 

Get your customers involved. Something as simple as creating a bingo sheet or a “This or That” game centered around your company is a great way to get your customers involved from home. Encourage them to share on their social media pages and tag your company — they get to enjoy the game and you get your name out there to all of their followers!


Post informational content. Many people are taking this time to learn something new or dig into information related to their interests. Both your company and your audience can learn more by reading up on things your industry leaders are talking about. Even as an industry leader yourself, take some time to write blogs that may help  Get even more involved with your customers by leading discussions based on your industry. 

Update Social Media Bios and Photos

Now is the perfect time to update the information on your social media accounts to ensure it’s up-to-date and accurate for your customers. 

Facebook especially has great sections on Facebook for Business to showcase your company and tell your customers what you do. Consider adding your services and price points so that potential customers can learn more about what you do without having to search for it elsewhere. Also take advantage of the “About” section on Facebook for Business. Here, you can add which category your business is considered, business details, and even a menu (if that applies). 

It’s also a good idea to consider your profile picture and profile cover. For better brand awareness, try to keep your profile picture as your logo. As for the profile cover, this is where you can really showcase your creativity. A video is much more engaging than a still photo. Depending on what your business is, consider a profile cover video that shows off the most visual aspects of your business. 

Should I Advertise on Social Media during Covid-19?

Sometimes, organic social media posting just isn’t enough to bring in new business. If advertising is within your budget, you should definitely consider it — especially if your business is still operating online. 

Advertising on social media is just one of many ways to expand your reach to potential customers. Data pulled from social media allows advertisers to target your ideal customer based on their activity on the platform. Targeting can be as precise or broad as you desire with the options to narrow your audience based on geography, demographics, and psychographics. It’s most common for businesses to advertise on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, but most other platforms have options to advertise as well. 


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