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Corkboard Concepts brings your dealerships inventory feeds to digital platforms, including Vehicle Listings on Google, Vehicle Listing Ads, Vehicle Listings on Dealerships (Facebook) Page, and more!

Providing Vehicle Listings Support For Automotive, Powersports and Recreational Vehicles.

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Let Corkboard Concepts Connect Your Inventory With Customers

Corkboard Concepts is a Vehicle Listings on Google Partner, bringing automotive, powersports and recreational vehicle inventory feeds to digital platforms and placing inventory in front of in-market buyers. Connect with our team to get your vehicles in front of prospective buyers today.


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Vehicle Listings on Google, Facebook & VLA’s

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Dynamic Inventory Ads for Remarketing and Behavioral Targeting
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NEW! Database Nurturing for service-sales, buybacks and more

Leading The Industry In Dealership Conversion Rates

We’re not here to get you the best cost per click, cost per impression or cost per engagement. We lead the industry in inventory-based conversions.

Our team specializes in driving micro, inventory-level actions that drive phone calls, trade values, contacts, showroom visits and more.

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