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What Does VDP Stand For?

VDP stands for Vehicle Detail Page

A Vehicle Detail Page is a page on a website that provides in-depth information about a particular vehicle

Users who are looking into your VDP means business. In the marketing world, those visitors are considered to be at the bottom of the funnel. Meaning they’re serious about making a purchase. This is an important KPI for automotive marketing and powersports dealerships digital advertising and website performance. As a stepping stone to a conversion, VDP’s are often tracked based on New VDP’s or Used/Pre-owned VDP’s.

Some essential information that should be included in a vehicle detail page are:


Why are VDP’s important?

VDP’s are an important KPI because it is a signal of engagement in a particular vehicle. Vehicle Detail Pages are generally the highest converting pages on an automotive dealers website. As such, it is important for Tier 3 automotive marketing to direct or eventually get traffic to a VDP to eventually capture in the lead funnel. With the increased importance of Digital Retailing tools for automotive dealerships, the express VDP’s have been that much more important, which allows for an online conversion to come through with more of the details for the complete vehicle purchase.

How can an automotive dealership increase their VDP views?

With the importance of VDP’s, it’s valuable to get traffic directly to these pages. Some common advertising tactics involve using the VDP URL directly in advertising. Here are some tactics used to get customers directly to the VDP:

Generally, VDP traffic is either creating through dynamic or static advertising means.

VDP Acronym Explained:

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