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What Is Tier 2 Advertising?

In Advertising, Tier 2 Relates To Regional Advertising Efforts, Generally Around Branding In A Specific Area.

Tier 2 Advertising is specific advertising initiatives that help a company brand itself within a local market. The goal of Tier 2 advertising is similar to that of Tier 1, to chose the company’s brand over the competition but seeks to take a more detailed look at the regional market to grab market share. Tier 2 advertising exists to help connect with a local community, take into considerations the uniqueness of a market, and more. Tier 2 advertising generally utilizes advertising agencies at a local/regional level to handle a buy for the market.

Tier 2 groups in automotive are Western PA Chevy Dealers, Your Neighborhood Ford Store (great Tier 1 approach to Tier 2 coverage),

Examples of Tier 2 Advertising:

Nuances of Tier 2 Advertising can range from billboard artwork designed to meet the local environment (black and gold beer signage for the Pittsburgh market but the same beer company having a black and orange billboard down the road in Cleveland), local news sponsorship and more. One of the easiest comparisons of Tier 1 vs. Tier 2 advertising would be a Tier 1 national ad during the Stanley Cup finals compared to a Tier 2 stadium sponsorship (i.e. PPG Paints Arena).

For other Tiers, see also Tier 1 and Tier 3 advertising.

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