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What Is Tier 1 Advertising?

In advertising, Tier 1 relates to national advertising efforts, generally around branding.

Tier 1 advertising exists in a scenario where a brand that has a distribution network and local outlets focuses on the broad scale of advertising initiatives. Generally speaking in Tier 1 advertising, the branding goal is for selecting the brand over its other national competitors. Tier 1 advertising often exists with national brands like Tire Companies, Car Manufacturers, Heating and Cooling companies, Motorsports & Small Engines, beer companies, etc.

Tier 1 In Automotive Advertising

Tier 1 advertising most often exists in automotive dealership advertising, where Tier 1 would relate to the advertising initiatives of entities like General Motors/Chevrolet/Cadillac, Ford, Toyota/Lexus, etc. The goal for an automotive dealership here would be to make a specific market, across a country (like the US), have a favorable reaction to the brand – for instance, GM’s goal would be to choose a Chevy over a Hyundai.

Tier 1 Advertising Examples:

Tier 1 advertising tactics generally focus on those larger-scale advertisements, like endorsements and large event sponsorships, national TV buys, etc. A common example of Tier 1 advertising would be Superbowl commercials for car companies or Moto America sponsorships by Powersports manufacturers, or even a similar national circuit by an oil company (Lucas Oil). Another would be full-page takeovers on national websites like (vertical example) or (general example). In paid search, Tier 1 advertising focuses on broader keywords in the industry, specific to the brand or model, or specific to the competitive brands or models.

For other tiers in advertising, see also Tier 2 and Tier 3 advertising.

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