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What Is Deep Linking?

Deep linking is the use of hyperlink that’ll take users directly to a specific location on the app or website

Deep linking allow users to access pages directly without any prompts or interstitial pages. It serves as a way to improve user experience by enabling them to find pages easily.

Deep links are made up of URL. For example, “” is a deep link because it’s located deeper on the site, not just on the main page.

On an app, there is a unique scheme called the “URI scheme,” which is specially used to launch an app if it’s already downloaded on the device. This URI scheme is registered with the app stores.

Companies can use deep linking for different purposes. For example, if your goal is to sell a product, deep linking can be used to bring users to a product page, which is located deeper on your app. If your purpose is to let visitors know about your event, a deep link is used to route them to your event’s page.

Deep linking saves both you and your users’ time and energy. People can easily find the pages you want them to see without having to look hard for it, and at the same time, getting you closer to your end goal. Moreover, deep linking has been associated with increased retention rate and subsequently reducing your churn rate.

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