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What an AMA For Automotive Industry

What does AMA stand for and what does it do?

AMAs, or Automotive Model Ads, are the latest and greatest ad format being offered by Facebook specifically to automotive marketers. These new ads will retarget buyers with ads that are based on the builds they create when visiting manufacturer websites. What they see will be driven by the models selected as well as color and trim.

What do AMAs mean for advertisers?

Sellers will now be able to serve relevant ads to buyers based specifically on their desires. No longer will time and efforts be wasted on serving up ads to people that, while in market, are not interested in the specific make or model currently being advertised. They can now see an ad from the seller’s inventory that fits their search in real time. You’re going to be reaching the right audience with the right product at the right time!

How do you switch over to AMAs?

The process is actually not too complicated and Facebook walks you right through the process. Some portions, however, will require you to coordinate with your web developer as you will need to add code to your company site.

Your first task will be to set up a Facebook pixel. This is code that will be added to your AMA permitting you to measure not just your ads effectiveness, but also optimize your ads and build audiences directly from your site’s visitors.

You will also be adding code to portions of your site to make the most of your ads. This is where you may wish to work along with your website developer. You will want to look at standard events like, “view content,” “lease,” “search,” and “add to wish list.” Perhaps most important will be “view content” as this is how you will track models viewed as well as trim options. If you have a configurator on your site, that would be important to track as well.

Once you have established what you want to track and have integrated the necessary code, you will be on to the next step – uploading your catalog or inventory. That is when you will want to be sure that you are including information that matches what is in your vehicle listings. If buyers can search based on color, wheel size and trim levels, you need to be tracking that to ensure they get ads relevant to that interest. After you have built your catalog, you can move along to creating your ad campaign.

Data For AMA Advertisement


What does an AMA look like?

When creating your ad, you will want to determine your objective. Are you moving specific models out of your inventory? Are you running specials on specific trim levels? That will be most important and will drive the look of your ads along with deciding if you are going to use a single image, carousel, or link advertisements. It is also what will drive the naming of your ads.

Determining the name, look, and feel will guide you to what catalogue you created should be linked to the ad. The information is being pulled and tracked from that catalogue so connecting the proper one is critical especially if these are for old age units or CTA specials. You can have several created for different campaigns and run them at the same time.

After selecting the appropriate catalogue, you can now establish the budget for your ads. You can set the price and lifetime those ads will run too. With that, your ad sale is set and you can begin to look at how you want to serve those ads. You can determine length of time by selecting look back options to as far as 180 days ago! The length of time will be driven by the inventory being moved and also the learning faze. Give enough time for the ad to learn and evolve as that will help ensure the proper ad is served to the right buyer.

Is that it?

For the most part, yes. Once you have your ads built and tracking, they will learn and use individual searches to determine who to send specific ads to. Someone interested in a red midsized sedan will not be seeing ads for crew cab pickups. You, as a seller, will no longer be spending money on ads to the wrong buyer. That alone is huge and your likelihood of creating a buyer is greater than ever!

We hope you found this useful. For additional information, feel free to follow this link to Facebook.

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