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What is a Social Media Scheduling Platform?

A social media scheduling platform is just that! It allows you to create content and copy in advance, and schedule it out for a specific date and time on the platforms that you have selected. When that moment arrives, the platform automatically sends out your post as if you just posted it yourself! 

Examples of Platforms

A few different scheduling platforms include Loomly, Hootsuite, Socialbakers, Sprout, and Later. Here is a visual comparison to help determine which platform is best for you:

The Importance of Using Social Media Scheduling Platforms

Benefits of Using Them

Scheduling platforms are super helpful when your To-Do List starts piling up, or when you are planning to take some time off. There is no need to ask your coworker to take over, you can just plan in advance! Another great benefit of using one of these platforms is that the majority of them have apps for your phone. Unsure if you scheduled out a post for the day? You can simply check your phone and make any changes you need to. Finally, one last advantage is that you can keep track of themes for your posts. Consistency is key when posting on social media, and this is a great way to make sure you are staying on track with your plan. 

Loomly and Corkboard Concept

Here at Corkboard Concepts, we use Loomly as our scheduling platform. At the beginning of the month, we spend time scheduling out a month’s worth of content for those clients that request a month at a time. Otherwise, every Monday is spent planning out the social media for the following week. This allows us enough time to go through the approval process with our clients.

My favorite aspect of Loomly is that we can directly communicate with our clients through the platform. Once we create the content, we can submit it for approval. At that point, the client will receive a notification, they can log in to Loomly, approve the post or leave a comment, and then we can schedule it out from there.

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