Google Vehicle Ads

What they are and why you should be using them.

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Google’s Vehicle Listing Ads

Google has been beta testing Vehicle Ads since at least 2021, but fully announced the Google Vehicle Ad format at the NADA conference in March of 2022. Find out more by clicking the button below!

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What are vehicle listing ads?

1. When someone searches for a specific vehicle, Google has a list at the top of the page with local inventory of that vehicle.

a. VLAs allow you to have your inventory show up in this list before any competitors’ listings.

2. Focused on performance with an ad format directed toward a lower funnel audience

a. These ads are shown to buyers that have done prior research and are searching for specific vehicles, dealerships, or configurations – high shopping intent.

3. Brings a visual component to Google’s SERP, by showing an image of the car along with valuable information such as:

a. Vehicle image

b. Vehicle title (Year, Make and Model)

c. New/Used

d. Website

e. Location

4. Clicking on the Vehicle Listing Ad will bring the consumer to the VDP

a. Opens up the possibility of taking a number of actions on your site such as contacting your dealership, filling out your lead form, or purchasing the vehicle.

5. VLA Availability

a. Currently only available in the United States.

b. Can only promote non-commercial vehicles.

c. New and used vehicles can be listed.

d. Must be through a dealer or retailer stock.

e. Cannot be sold through private sellers, individuals, or auto brokers.

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What is needed to create VLAs?

1. Dealerships will need their own Google Business Profile in order to list their inventory through VLAs.

2. An advertiser must set up Google Merchant services.

3. You must show ownership of the dealership’s website domain through Google Search Console.

4. Once merchant center is set up, connect it to a Google ads account to start showing VLAs.

5. Corkboard Concepts can assist with setting up any and all of these accounts should the dealership need assistance.

More People Are Browsing Online Before Buying Their Next Car


increase in conversions when paired with VLAs compared to search ads on their own


of consumers researched their next car online


of new car buyers purchased their vehicle online in 2021


of new car buyers purchased online in comparison during 2018

How VLAs can benefit your dealership and how CBC can help

1. Benefits of VLAs

a. Drive online & offline conversions through leads and store visits

b. Increased exposure

c. Automated targeting

d. More qualified leads

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