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Your website should radiate your company’s personality, brand identity, and type of work.  There are also some ground rules or key tips you should follow when building out your website.


Navigation Made Easy

Easy-to-use navigation is  key to keeping people on  your website. Your navigation is meant to be a map to guide users deeper into your website to find out more about your company, services, products, blogs, etc.


Less Is More

The fewer users have to read, click on, or remember, the better they’ll be able  to process and evaluate  your content.



Too many font variations can look messy, create confusion, and make content difficult or annoying to read. A maximum of 3 typefaces is what is commonly recommended.

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Similar to typefaces, it’s better to avoid using too many colors in your design. Using too many colors is like trying to convey a million feelings and messages all at once, which can confuse the person viewing your website.


Whitespace Used Properly

Whitespace, also known as “negative space,” refers to the areas around elements on a page that are empty and lacking content or visual items. Empty space may sound unappealing at first, but it can be used to your advantage.



Your website’s visitors can be using a computer, tablet, phone, gaming system, or even a watch. It is important to ensure that no matter what your visitors are using to view your website, they can still see any and all vital information correctly on different screen sizes.

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