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Google's Helpful

Google’s New Update 

Users’ growing frustration in finding valuable content has prompted Google to introduce a new update called the “Helpful Content Update,” completed on September 9, 2022.

About Google's  Helpful Content

Google’s Helpful Content operates by awarding those websites that provide quality content a higher position on the Google search result page.

What Does This  Mean For SEO?

According to Google, the new update will not rule out SEO best practices. It’ll still be relevant to the new algorithm. However, it’ll not be the  leading factor.

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How Does it Work?

Using a machine-learning  system and different signals,  Google will look into websites  to automatically identify the overall quality of content on the site and target them based on the outcome.  

How To Avoid Getting Impacted By The  New Update?

The key step in preventing  your site from being targeted  is to build your content  around Google’s human-first content approach.

Final Thought

Take the opportunity that the new update has given and start providing actual useful content for what matters the most:  your customer. 

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