Help You Connect  To A Product


5 Ways

Connecting To Advertisement

Sometimes an advertisement can “speak” to you and sometimes  it won’t.  Keep reading to learn 5 strategies your company can use to grab your audience's attention.

Physical Need

Have you ever been watching television late at night and a  Taco Bell commercial will come  on with very graphic pictures  and persuasive conversation? This advertisement uses  physical need to make you  feel hungry to go out and buy  their product.




Personification is when you give human-like features to objects, animals, and/or things.  Studies show that when objects, animals, and/or things are personified within an advertisement, you are more likely to connect with the ad.




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Celebrity Endorsement

Advertisements can also use celebrities to gain a connection between the viewer and the advertiser. When using a celebrity  in an advertisement,  it enhances the trust and respect of the company.



The Bandwagon Appeal

In this connection between the viewer and the advertisement, the connection happens when the viewer wants to be like “everyone else”. The bandwagon appeal will, in some sense,  make you feel left out because the majority have it.

Youth Appeal

I think it is safe to say that the majority of people want to be younger.  Advertisements have the capability to make you think that buying the product, it’ll make you feel younger.


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