What are

1st Party Cookies?

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If you were tuned in for last  week’s web story, we talked about  third- party cookies and what they are used for in our field.

First-party cookies are cookies enabled by and for the website you’re visiting. 

What are 1st Party Cookies?

First-party cookies are ones used by the website you are on to track user behaviors.  Whereas, third-party cookies are cookies that belong to a site other than the one you’re currently on. 

1st Party vs. 3rd Party Cookies

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First -party cookies are common instruments in helping to promote user experience through stored information.  This is common when a website remembers things about a user from page to page, visit to  visit, etc.

How they work ... 

When determining who the "party”  is behind remembering the user's actions we must realize it is based on where information is stored.  In order to be considered a  “1st Party," information must be stored on the primary domain it  is gathered on. 

Who is the "party" in 1st party? 

Internet-based cookies are tools marketers use to track and analyze user behaviors  to tailor ads specifically to ideas, needs, or concepts you will pay attention to.  Marketers, want to learn  more about this data  collecting technique? 


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