What are

3rd Party Cookies?

Today we are going to talk about cookies. 


But the kind that marketers use when it comes to shopping online or browsing business websites.

Not these type of cookies.

What does it really mean to have or be a target audience of third-party cookies?  To put it simply, third-party cookies are cookies that belong to a site OTHER than the one you’re currently on.

Defining 3rd  Party Cookies

Understanding 3rd Party Cookies 

Third-Party cookies exist for platforms like Facebook and Google for tracking user behavior on websites outside  of these properties. 

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Who do 3rd Party Cookies help  and why? 

They are actually built for marketers. Third-party cookies are commonly seen in advertising and analytics, with a popular usage being retargeting. 

For Example: 

A third-party Facebook pixel could be used by something like Amazon to track the user on Amazon but to be utilized for Facebook Ads.  Facebook is one of the many online platforms that utilizes paid social media tasks and cookies to understand and learn about their target market. 

When looking at Google, Facebook and other advertising platforms’  Third-Party Pixels the data collected from those pixels live with the advertising platform to be utilized there.

How They Work

The Current State of Cookies & Marketing:

Google and Apple are looking to eliminate 3rd Party Cookies and Targeting. Apple’s iOS 14 disables them by default. The alternative to 3rd Party Tracking would be 1st Party Tracking.

1. Chocolate chip cookies:  the yummy ones your grandma makes.

Let's Recap!

2. Third-party cookies: exist for platforms like Facebook and Google for tracking user behavior on websites outside of these properties. 

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