What Are UX And UI?

UX stands for User Experience

and UI stands for User Interface.

But, what does this mean  and how do we use it? 

For starters, 

UX is the interaction of users with the company’s product or services.  The design of UX is focused on delivering meaningful and enjoyable experiences to users. A better user experience is often encouraged by layout, responsiveness, page load, and more.

What is User Experience? 

UI covers everything that a customer experiences when using the company’s digital products and services.  UI focuses more on the brand deliverables such as the color scheme, typography and more of the website and other  digital products.  

What is User Interface? 

So, what's the difference?

UX and UI both approach a better, unified digital experience but they differ in the fact that UX is focused more on the continued user sentiment towards to digital experience and UI is more focused on the setup.

How is UX/UI Measured?

Businesses often focus on the delivery of content goals in UX decisions, including average session duration, bounce rate, conversion rates, and more. Sentiment testing and heat mapping are also key testing strategies here. Similar metrics can help a company understand the UI, but the focus here is mainly on the actual elements of the digital property.

1. UX is a user experience measures the interaction between consumers and your product/services!

Let's Recap!

Remember, both are needed to create a cohesive digital display of who you are as an organization.

2. UI stands for user interface focuses on the actual design elements of the digital property.

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