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Twitter Ads


You Must Understand Your Own Goals! Understanding what you would like to achieve from your paid social strategies can not only help you determine the correct platform for your business needs, but it can also give guidance on where not to be so that you do not waste resources and effort.

Before You Begin...

Twitter, a short form  “micro-blogging” site that allows users to share thoughts and messages in quick posts called “Tweets.” Because tweets are short and quick, your message has to effectively make an impact or  it will be lost within the stream.

Why use Twitter?

In regards to audiences, Twitter is popular among younger people with 42% of users being between the age of 18-29 and 27% of users being between the ages of 30-49.

Twitter has 2 types of  paid advertisements:  promoted tweets and Twitter ads.

Advertising on Twitter





Promoted Tweets are a quick way to make your ads visible to a select group of people. Promoted tweets are far more effective at driving brand awareness and driving traffic than organic tweets are.

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Twitter ads are used to accomplish a brand objective and use a PPC model to do so.  This model is ideal if you have a specific campaign goal in mind, like gaining more followers or website visits, because you only pay once your goal is reached.

Twitter's Marketing Features

Twitter Cards:

Tweets with attached media that are designed to drive traffic to a website.

Twitter Analytics:

a way to see how users are engaging with your content. Track metrics such as profile visits, tweets impressions, conversions, and followers gained.

Targeting Options:

target people based on events, conversations, keywords, interests, & more. Or create lookalike audiences as well as custom audiences.

Along with paid media, Twitter offers many tools for the marketing basics! 

1. Know your business goals!

Let's Recap!

Remember, strong brand awareness doesn't happen overnight. It requires time and dedicated efforts.

2. Twitter is a tool to use to reach younger audiences & send out small tid-bits of info!

3. Twitter has built in resources made just for you!

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