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The text that accompanies an ad is what is known  as ad copy.

Ad copy can vary from just  a few words in a headline  to many sentences in a description. The ad copy should provide the viewer with further information on what the ad is about.

Ad copy can sometimes be the deciding factor if the viewer clicks your ad or not. Your ad copy should first grab the viewer’s attention and then guide the viewer to take some kind of action. Therefore, it is important to keep the business objective in mind when constructing effective ad copy.

Keep reading to see  5 tips for writing effective  ad copy!

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Start with a short and punchy headline that would intrigue the viewer upon first glance. Then move on to the description; this should have more detail and uses language that is easy to read. The combined text from the headline and description should ultimately convince the viewer to take some kind of action around your ad.

1. Keep it short

Think about what sort of characteristics your target audience has: Are they young? What are they interested in? How do they speak to one another? Narrowing down what your target audience is like, can help you craft copy that will better resonate with them.

2. Speak to your target audience

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Both ad copy and creative should complement and coincide with each other.  As separate components however, they should each be strong enough to communicate the ad message on their own.

3. Text should pertain to your visual

The call to action in your ad copy should be inline with your campaign goal. For example, if you have the objective of generating leads, then include a call to action for the viewer to input his or her email address.

4. Include a call to action (CTA)

When reviewing your ads, update text as needed and consider A/B testing to improve results and detect patterns in performance. Run the same creative with different ad copy in order to see how each ad performs across your target audience.

5. Consider  A/B testing

Ad copy can help you stand out from the online crowd and drive desired results for your overall business objective.

That is why it is so important to have effective ad copy.

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