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Why create a custom Google Map? 

Creating a custom map can be applicable to a wide variety of different purposes. In marketing, we can use custom maps to do market research and plan for various marketing campaigns. We can also use it to plot data points and analyze current or previous marketing campaigns. Google Maps has some great features for business and personal use!. 

Follow these steps to create your own custom Google Map!


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STEP 1: Go to

Once arrived at website:

click the hamburger menu on the top left to open the menu.

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This menu is where you can unlock the “hidden in plain sight” features to Google Maps.  Now, this is where it starts to get fun!


See All The Great Features! 

There are features such as:   1.Timelines 2.“Custom” Places  3.Location Sharing 4. Map Embedding 5. Contributions   If you don’t know where to start,   you can “Take a Tour” or visit the “Tips and Tricks” portion to find out everything Google Maps has to offer!

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STEP 2: Places 


When you click on “Your Places” you’ll see a screen that has different sections called Lists, Labeled, Visited, and Maps.







Lists will allow you to bundle up multiple locations and put them in one place for your convenience. The best part of is that you can create an unlimited number of lists! 

The Labeled section allows you to identify frequently visited places. For instance, you can set your home, work, parents’ house, etc. . This is a great convenient way to plan around having to stop at your most visited locations..

You can mark places you have visited under this section! This can be a handy way to ensure you don’t forget all of the great places you have been to!

STEP 3: Creating Maps 

Maps Capabilities:

The Maps feature allows you to create custom maps that have so many different uses. As a marketing agency, we use it to plot multiple locations to analyze data for different purposes.  We have maps that: 1. Track where our clients are geographically. 2. Track different locations we have to send our photographer to capture still images for our clients.  3. Plot where our client’s customers are so we can better place media for them. The uses are endless.

Now that you have been introduced to Google Maps... it’s time to find out how Google maps can best serve your business. You will find out how great of a tool Google Maps can be!

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