How To Find Your

Target Audience

A target audience is a group of people your company is trying  to reach to show promotional content about your product  or services. They can be categorized into specific groups with similar interests, purchasing patterns, and demographics. 

What Is A  Target Audience?

Through Google Analytics  you can do research on  your customers.  This resource can give insight into the demographics of your company’s customers. Including age, gender, and geographical insights as well.

Use Google Analytics

Social media analytics can show you who is looking at your accounts and which types of content your audience likes to see based on performance.

Social Media Analytics




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Facebook Insights has a “People” tab that will allow you to see both demographic and geographic information on your page’s viewers.

Facebook Insights

You can use website analytics to see which areas of your website perform the best.  Blogs are another great place  to look for insight into your target audience. 

Website Analytics

Analyze what types of content your audience likes and gather information on their demographics to create an audience persona to better visualize the target audience you have found.

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