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The Pros and Cons

What is AI?

AI is an acronym that stands for Artificial Intelligence.  When we talk about using AI tools, we aren’t necessarily talking about the robots found in movies, but we are actually talking about tools that have a specific purpose to help a process become faster and more efficient. 

Let's dig  in to the pros and cons of using AI tools in 2023.

Pros of Using AI Tools

Increases Efficiency

With the introduction of AI tools such as ChatGPT, the content creation process has never been faster. This tool can help content creators create sturdy outlines for pieces, eliminating a lot of the grunt work that goes into such intensive pieces of work.  

Pros of Using AI Tools

Bring Research and Resources to the Creator

Research is simply one of the most time-consuming parts of any content creation process. AI tools can be an asset to the creator because instead of taking the time to search the internet for possibly useful information, AI tools bring the most useful information to them at a click of a button.  

Pros of Using AI Tools

Guide Ideas Based on Facts

AI tools eliminate that bias by bringing factual information to the table based on information that is widely analyzed and evaluated. These tools become helpful when steering content planning, keyword planning or even coming up with efficient hashtags for a client’s social media post.  




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Cons of Using AI Tools

You Lose the Human Touch

AI tools are there to guide  you in the right direction,  but they by no means should be fully relied on when creating content. If you want to produce solid reliable content that is SEO-friendly then tread lightly with the usage of AI tools. 

Cons of Using AI Tools

Not Specific  to Branding

Even though AI tools are great for steering the ship when it comes to content creation, one must remember the results are not specific to  your organization’s branding or brand voice. AI tools do  not have a sense of your organization’s tone, ethics,  or cultural awareness. 

Cons of Using AI Tools

They Are Simply Technology

Even with how advanced technology has become,  there are still days when  your home wifi doesn’t  work and then you have to relocate to regain connection.  Therefore, if your content creation process is purely reliant on the use of AI tools, then you are setting yourself up for failure. 

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