Still Relevant?

Print Media

Why Is

Many businesses question the viability of print as a marketing strategy, especially with many newspapers and magazines transitioning to online. The idea that a number of people consume digital media through their  phones and computers puts  print media at risk.

Is Print Media  Still Relevant?

This can be in reference to any form of marketing that uses physically printed media to reach your target audience.

What Is  Print Media Marketing?

Some of those items could be: – Leaflet – Brochure – Promotional flyer – Poster – Newspaper/magazine ad – Billboard

According to a consumer survey, 42% percent said that print advertising was either somewhat or very trustworthy. Whereas a meager 18% trusted the internet.

There Is  More Trust In  Print Media!

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Even though the pandemic moved us virtual, it is still a very lucrative business. It has a total ad spending in the United States passing over $60 billion in the year 2020.

Print Media Withstands The Pandemic!

Print ads and digital ads complement each other very  well and help give a boost to  your overall marketing when paired together.

Print Media  Is The Key  To Your Omnichannel Mix!

Print Media Is  A Novelty!

Unlike digital media, print is tactile and personal. Also, you can customize the print to meet unique requirements not available with digital media.

Overall, print is trustworthy,  a brand booster, a breath of fresh air, and evolving with the times.

So, Is Print Media Still Relevant?


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