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Graphic design is the practice of composing and arranging the visual elements of a project,  while its objective is to convey  or enhance a message.

What is  Graphic Design?

What is a  Design Process?

Not only does creative ideation and design work fit into this process, but so does a great deal of communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving  as well.

Build Out the  Creative Brief

This document sets the tone for the entire project and should capture all of the client’s wants, needs, expectations, and  any other key  project specifications. 



Conduct Design Research

Research is an  important part of what  a designer does.  Through researching, Designers gain design inspiration and insight as to what is popular among their competitors and what is engaging to their  intended audience.

Brainstorm  and Refine the Design Concept

This can entail drawing up thumbnail sketches, creating mood boards, and piecing together potential design elements in rough mockups.

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Create the Design

Designers will implement any knowledge and feedback they gained through the previous steps, along with industry best practices, and technical design skills. This is the stage where the design really starts to come together and more polished design elements are added or created.

Collect and Implement Feedback

Designers will share the finished design with  the client. This is when any questions, concerns, additional details, and feedback are discussed between both parties.



Finalize and Deliver the Design Assets

At this point, the design is finalized and the completed files are put into action.

Let's Recap!

The Definition Phase:

The Creative Phase:

1. Build out the  creative brief. 2. Conduct design research.

1. Brainstorm and refine the design concept. 2. Create the design.

The Feedback and Delivery Phase:

1. Collect and  implement feedback. 2. Finalize and deliver the design assets.

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