Video Formats


A Guide To Utilizing

Currently, Instagram offers four different formats of video content including Stories, Instagram Videos, Live Streams,  and Reels.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories allow your audience to get a real feel and engage with  the brand. They are captured in that moment and do not have the polished feel that normal posts do.

Instagram Video

Instagram videos show up on your profile under the new ‘videos’ tab. These videos can show up to an hour’s worth of content.

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Instagram Live

These live streams can be beneficial for showcasing events, product launches, product reviews, tours, etc. Like stories, live video allows you to be authentic and engage with viewers.

Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels take on a  similar format to Tik Tok,  using a vertical-video layout.  These videos can range from  15-30 seconds and can be made of multiple clips edited together. 

Pick and choose from these formats which tool will complement your business best!

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