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Common Types Of


A call to action (CTA) is a visual prompt (usually text or a button) to directs a user to take a specific action.

What is a CTA?

And why is it important?

CTAs usually offer a direction, an invitation, or an offer.

A weak CTA is one of the reasons why webpages are not driving sales.

A good CTA, on the  other hand, helps increase traffic and conversion.

This type of CTA collects leads  from your website. You’ll usually prompt for a name and an email address you can add to your database. You can also include a member option so people can join the site before they buy.

1. Lead Generation

With this CTA, users fill in  a form with details, then receive a free download or access to content.

2. Form Submission

This CTA often includes  a “read more,” “learn more,”  or “click here” button.  You’re offering an  invitation to find out  more information about  your product or service. Usually, the button takes  the user to a landing page dedicated to your offer.

3. Read More Button

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This CTA offers a preview of your product or service, and includes a button or link to a detailed, dedicated page. The CTA might read “discover more,” “explore,” or similar prompts. If you’re on social media, the button may read “Shop Now” and direct to the product page.

4. Product or Service Discovery

These CTAs promote upcoming events of interest to a targeted audience.  For example, if you were planning a car show,  your CTA could use niche language like “start your engines.” You can offer early bird tickets or a countdown to the event.

5. Event Promotion


Call To Actions  To Attract More Leads

• Ends tomorrow

• One time offer

• Special Offer

• Expires soon

• Only X days left

• Download

• Urgent

• Only available up to

• Immediately

• Discover

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