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Photography trends are no different. They are dictated by a few things: The visual style of photographers, techniques that are gaining popularity in projects, the ability for images to work with other design elements, and even things such as social media filters. Understanding these trends is important for any designer because when picking or taking imagery for any design project one will need to ensure that their visions are on the same page.

Trends Are Everywhere!

Trends are everywhere and influence how we see the world.

Textured Backgrounds

Backgrounds that have a rustic, natural appeal set the scene for many photos for everything from food photography to product placements and even services.

High Drama!

Looking for a bold and big impact? High drama is the way to go. These tend to be stunning images with a cinematic feel and are trending in a major way.  You can achieve this look by selecting natural settings that help make your product stand out or work your magic in post.  


The use of just a silhouette comes  in handy when you want to build anticipation of a product for  its reveal. One can utilize them  as an accentor to draw attention  to something specific.  

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Subtle Filters

Without a doubt, social media has been a strong driving force when it comes to the use of subtle filters. One of the most popular uses of filters is with a softening of the light in images. Doing so helps create a bit of color cast. The muted tones help create a distinct feel for the image and go a long way to set the desired mood.

Birds Eye View 

When getting a dramatic overview  is the desired look, nothing compares to deploying a drone. Drone photography has made the most dramatic and cinematic looks attainable. More projects are using these images and videos to capture attention and really pull their  target audience in.  

Authentic Imagery

Authentic imagery is photos that look untouched or without overdone effects. This photography trend applies to websites, brands, and printed brochures. You want to create a connection between the user and the product/service that is being featured.


Bright colors are creeping  into photography. Backgrounds, foregrounds, and brilliant accents draw users into photos and help them understand the content.  The use of color makes images stand out so that they are more visually intriguing. 





No one wakes up one day and becomes a renowned photographer. Keep practicing, tweaking, and growing! These trends will help you see the world through a different lens.

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