In 5 Steps

How To Create


An Effective

A CTA is a phrase designed  to convince someone to  take action.

What is a CTA?

And why is it important?

Examples of CTA phrases you've probably seen:  "Click here," "Buy now,"  and "Download now."

A weak CTA is one of the reasons why webpages are not driving sales.

A good CTA, on the other hand, helps increase traffic and conversion.

Besides a beautiful design, your CTA should include persuasive words that can create a sense  of urgency.

Keep it short and sweet


Don't make it too long! Too many words can distract users and turn them away.

Phrases should be concise  and convincing.

Reducing clutter around CTA can increase open mile conversion by 232%

Most visitors will not purchase your product on their first visit. Get them to know more about your product or service. Giving them the chance to experience your business for free is one way to do that.

Include free trials


One of the most effective ways to include in your CTA is to offer a great deal. It should be something too good to say no to.

Provide a nice offer


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Present customers with a sneak peek of how your business  can help them and let the rest come later. Combine some information  about your service and back it with your CTA.

Evoke  curiosity


People are constantly looking for the solution to their problem or an answer to their question.   Take this opportunity and offer them the solutions they need.

Present the problem and offer the solution


For Example:

“Spending hours in the gym and still getting no result? Click here to get your free consultation with our trainers."

90% of users who read your headline also read your CTA

Did you know?

Including CTA on your Facebook ads can increase click through rate by 285% 

Emails with CTA increased clicks 371% and sales  by 1617% 

So what are you  waiting for? 

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