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Learn More About Google’s Vehicle Listing Ad

One of Google’s newest ad listing formats for automotive brings  a visual component to SERPs.  These ads automatically tie in  a dealerships inventory, match those to search queries and  shows an ad that includes:

- Vehicle Image

- Vehicle Title (Year, Make and Model)

- Location

- New/Used

- Website

About Vehicle Ads From Google

Google has been beta testing Vehicle Ads since at least 2021 but fully announced the Google Vehicle Ad format at the NADA conference in March of 2022. This listings are very similar to Google’s Product Listing Ads (PLAs).

Setting up Google Vehicle Ads is similar to that of Product Listing Ads in that an advertiser must set up Merchant Services. You must ensure that you show ownership of the website domain through Google Search Console.

How To Setup Google Vehicle Ad

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With Google Vehicle Ads

Google Merchant Center provides a step-by-step guide for a quick and easy setup. Simply follow these instructions through add business information and continue to add your inventory in the “Add Products” field.

Setup Continued...

The best way to do this is through scheduled/automated processes through the content API or Scheduled Fetch. Once this is set, connect the Merchant Center to a Google Ads account and you’ll start to deliver Google Vehicle Ads!

Finishing Touches!

Looking to get your inventory on Google Vehicle Ads?

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