And How To Target Them


What is a  search query?

A search query is a phrase or a string of words entered by a user when navigating through search engines such as Google and Bing. The three types of search queries are: NAVIGATIONAL, TRANSACTIONAL, and INFORMATIONAL.

Navigational Query

A navigational query is a type of query where users usually have  specific websites in mind.   So, for example, when someone is looking for the Apple website, they would enter "" or simply "Apple" in the search bar.  In a navigational query, the user doesn't necessarily have the intent to buy a product just yet.  Moreover, a navigational search is also performed when someone isn't sure of the exact address. Therefore, users type in the name of the brand or company to get the web address. 

Navigational Query Example

Targeting Navigational Search Queries

Unlike other search queries, you can't really target navigational queries because users have specific sites in mind. And if it isn't yours, your site won't matter.  Your focus, in this case,  should be enhancing your brand recognition, which will help increase brand awareness and eventually get your site popular on search engines. Therefore, you should make sure that your site appears on top of the  search result. 

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Transactional Query

A transactional query is when the user is looking to make a purchase. They have done their research and have a clear intent.  Words that are usually included in transactional search phrases are "purchase," "buy," "order," "download."

Transactional Query Example

Informational Query

Just as the term suggests, here users are looking for information.  In other words, they're doing their research.  Words that are usually used in this search query are "Who," What," "Why," "Where," and the specific name of the product. 

Information Query Example

Targeting Informational Search Queries

Since users are in the research phase, one of the most effective ways to target this query is by providing information such as blogs and articles.  Make sure these blogs and articles can help  users find the solution to their problems.

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