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Defining Color Psychology 

Color psychology is the practice of understanding what certain colors are associated with.  This concept is mostly subjective and can vary depending on the person and culture, but some color traits are fairly universal.

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There is an association  humans typically make between colors and color schemes.  These concepts then relate  to experiences that each has.  This can be extremely important when creating any marketing or advertising materials. 

Different Colors Mean Different Things  

Let’s dive into how you should use colors in your advertising!


Colors such as red, orange, and yellow can evoke feelings of passion, happiness, enthusiasm, energy, and excitement. 

Warm Colors

Interestingly enough, red can also increase one’s appetite.

Are you hungry now?

Colors like blue, purple,  and green are calming and soothing colors, but they can also evoke a bit of sadness. 

Cool Colors

These colors are usually incorporated into designs that want to showcase health, beauty, or security.  

Additionally, purple and light blue are used to showcase creativity.

Happy Colors are the colors that are bright and warm such as yellow, orange, and pink. Pastels can also evoke uplifting emotions. Such colors can also stir up feelings of youth, optimism, and nostalgia. 

Happy vs. Sad Colors 

Sad Colors are usually dark and muted. Grey is majorly known to be the color of sadness, but other colors like  blue or green, and neutrals like brown or beige can also evoke similar emotions depending on how they’re used.

Calming colors can make you feel peaceful. Neutral colors, pastels colors and cool- toned colors will help give this effect.  Pro tip: The fewer colors you combine to the design, the more calming it will feel.

Calming Colors

Energizing colors that are strong, bright, or neon can have a powerful effect on emotions.  These colors grab your attention and can make you feel more alert!  

Energizing Colors

By keeping these points in mind when creating your next product catalogue, brochure, website or logo, you are much closer to constructing a strong and effective design that communicates the correct purpose. Effective use of color can send clear messages and incite sales.

How You Can Use This Knowledge

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